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ACT LOCAL Marketing Podcast

ACT LOCAL Marketing For Small Business podcast guides smart, savvy and motivated local business owners to kick it up online; even if you’ve tried and been disappointed before or technology just isn’t your thing. Whether you need help with online media, social media, video or mobile marketing for your local business, ACT LOCAL will guide you into the 21st century with easy tips, tricks and techniques that get your local business seen and heard. Join the Trillion Dollar Marketing movement and visit http://ActLocalMarketing.com for articles on each guest, show notes, and additional kick ass resources for the hard hitting local business entrepreneur. Baby boomers who find communication in the age of the Internet confusing, overwhelming or simply bothersome will especially enjoy ACT LOCAL.

The Boomer’s Ultimate Guide Podcast is specifically for you, the over 50 crowd with dreams of building a thriving business and a vibrant life. Learn from experts in a community that has seen more change than any in history and still rides the leading edge wave of innovation, entrepreneurship, life, love and longevity. Each episode shares three top tips to success, how to overcome the biggest hurdle and the first step to making lasting change NOW. Join us for interesting guests, priceless resources and most importantly — FUN advice on achieving your dreams. BOOM! baby. http://theBUGpodcast.com

Boomer's Ultimate Guide Podcast